Jen Wilde’s Books are the Feel-Good Sapphic YA You’ve Been Searching For

Did you know I (Danika) have a booktube channel? Along with the Lesbrary, the Bi & Lesbian Literature tumblr, and Book Riot, I talk about books there, too! Apparently I can’t say enough about them. Most of my content is about queer women books, and I even have a playlist of just my sapphic book videos. Consider this video my review of Going Off Script by Jen Wilde (suffice to say, I loved it).

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11 Literally Perfect Sapphic Novels

Here’s another one of my recent booktube videos, this time discussing the sapphic novels and short story collections that I’ve rated 5 stars!

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July Wrap Up

Did you know that in addition to the Lesbrary and the Bi and Lesbian Literature tumblr, I (Danika) also have a booktube channel? It’s not 100% queer women books, but unsurprisingly, most of it is. I’ve decided to try to post of those videos here, when they’re Lesbrary-related, so that everything is in one place. This video is me discussing all the books I read in July, which happened to be all queer.

Most of these I’ve already reviewed at the Lesbrary, so I’ve linked the full reviews, in case this piques your interest.

Trigger warning for discussion of rape culture in the discussion of Girl made of Stars.

Books mentioned:

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