Have you ever thought to yourself, “Is there any way I can be more lesbian?”

I mean, sure, we watch lesbian TV shows and movies, read lesbian books, hang out with lesbians, and date/have sex with women… but is that enough? Isn’t there any way to do more things gay? Not to worry, I am here to help.

Lesbian cooking!

The Lesbian Erotic Cookbook by Ffiona Morgan

the butch cookbook by Lee Lynch (Author, Editor), Nel Ward (Author, Editor), Sue Hardesty (Author, Editor, Illustrator), and Marion Moir (Illustrator)

Cookin’ With Honey: What Literary Lesbians Eat edited by Amy Scholder

The Queer Cookbook: A Fully-Guided Tour to the Secrets of Success in the Homosexual Kitchen! by Donna Clark (Author, Compiler), David Shenton (Illustrator)

Okay, so you’ve mastered the art of lesbian cooking/eating. You know how to make gluten-free, fair trade, vegan chocolate-chip cookies. But there has to be more! Of course there is.

Lesbian travel!

Lesbian Travels: A Literary Companion by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

The Queerest Places: A National Guide to Gay and Lesbian Historic Sites by Paula Martinac

Queens in the Kingdom: The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Guide to the Disney Theme Parks by Jeffrey Epstein and Eddie Shapiro

The Rough Guide to Gay & Lesbian Australia edited by Neal Drinnan

Lesbian photography!

Nothing but the Girl: The Blatant Lesbian Image edited by Susie Bright and Jill Posener

Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs edited by Tessa Boffin and Jean Fraser

Lesbian writing!

Lavender Ink – Writing and Selling Lesbian Fiction by Fran Walker

Putting Out: The Essential Publishing Resource for Lesbian and Gay Writers by Edisol W. Dotson

Lesbian gardening!

Garden Variety Dykes: Lesbian Traditions in Gardening edited by Irene Reti and Valerie Jean Chase

Lesbian sports!

Strong Women, Deep Closets: Lesbians and Homophobia in Sport by Pat Griffin

And, of course, you need your mandatory lesbian haircut.

The History of Lesbian Hair by Mary Dugger

Now go! Gay up your life! I love that obscure lesbian books like this exist.

Lesbrary Lust for the Surprisingly Specific: Cookbooks

I remember when I first went looking for lesbian/queer women books. It seemed like there were so few. That’s what inspired the subtitle of this blog; I figured eventually I could read all of them, at least all of the ones worth reading. But now, of course, I realize that there are far more lesbrary novels than I could ever read. In fact, there are lesbian/queer books catered to what seems like every tiny subsection of our population. I’ve been fascinated with these incredibly specific books lately. I’m not talking about lesbians from various countries or ethnicities, that, of course, makes sense. Or even queer genre fiction, like queer sci fi. I should hope we have those. No, I’m talking the ones that seem too specific to exist. Like these:

Yes, that’s right, The Lesbian Erotic Cookbook. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a lesbian cookbook or an erotic cookbook, but here’s both of them at once! Yep, I definitely thought this was a weird find, but there’s a book for everything, right?

Oh, no. Not just a book, singular. There are multiple queer cookbooks. Yes, there is also the butch cook book. Because a lesbian cookbook wasn’t specific enough. To be fair, this also includes personal stories and things, but it still is a butch cook book, including “the ‘Butch Basics,’ which include macaroni and cheese from a box and a mayo sandwich (easy enough with only three ingredients: bread, pickles, and mayo)”. Well, as a vegan, this one probably wouldn’t treat me so well.

It’s not just lesbians who feel the need to have their recipes reflect their sexual preference. Here’s a queer cookbook that promises it’s a “Fully-Guided Tour to the Secrets of Success in the Homosexual Kitchen!” How does one acquire a homosexual kitchen, or turn the kitchen they have gay? This is apparently also a British cookbook, so if you’ve ever been puttering around thinking “I’m in the mood for something… gay and English”, here’s the book for you.

I think this will be an ongoing feature of the Lesbrary. Have you stumbled upon any surprisingly specific lesbian/queer books?