Link Round Up: August 28 – September 3

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Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian posted This Year’s Queer Offerings from the Canadian Publishing Season.

Lambda Literary posted Rebecca Coffey: On Sigmund Freud’s Relationship with His Lesbian Daughter Anna and Using Fiction to Explore the Truth.

Women and Words posted My LATE post 2014 GCLS.

SR Silcox posted On bad things happening to lesbian characters because they’re lesbians.

“Left Coast Lesbian Con draws lovers of lesbian lit” was posted at

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The Rules by S. Renee Bess was reviewed at Loving Venus – Loving Mars.

When We Become Weavers: Queer Female Poets on the Midwestern Experience edited by Kate Lynn Hibbard was reviewed at Bisexual Books.

Everything Changes by Samantha Hale was reviewed at Frivolous Views.

Belle City by Penny Mickelbury was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Inga’s Zigzags by Vica Miller was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

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LGBT Youth Issues Today: A Reference Handbook by David E. Newton was reviewed at GLBT Reviews.

A Safe Girl To Love by Casey Plett was reviewed at Dude In Publishing.

Deserted Echo by Linda Kay Silva was reviewed at Terry’s Lesfic Reviews.

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters was reviewed at Audible, These Little Words, The Writes of Woman.

Hypnotizing Chickens by Julia Watts was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

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