The Lesbrary is looking for more Lesbrarians!

You may have noticed that the Lesbrary hasn’t updated in a little while. At the moment, it’s just me (Danika) running the place, and to tell the truth, sometimes going to school and going to work get in the way. I’d the like the Lesbrary to be more active and have more contributors, though, so I’m looking for more Lesbrarians!

What’s a Lesbrarian?

A regular contributor to the Lesbrary (a lesbrarian, on the other hand, is a lesbian librarian and/or a bookish women-loving-woman). At the minimum, it means one scheduled post a month (the first Friday of every month, for instance), but you can have more scheduled posts (every second Tuesday or something), or have one scheduled post and more unscheduled posts when you have time. You can also just send in 12 posts in January and I can queue them for the rest of the year! It’s pretty flexible.

You can review any book with les/bi/etc content from any genre, nonfiction included. The posts don’t even have to be reviews: if you’d like to write a post about anything related to les/bi/etc books, that works too.

Posts can be posted elsewhere (such as your own blog) as well.

What are the perks?

Free les/bi/etc books! People send in electronic and physical versions of books to review, and at the moment, I have a stack that have piled up. That’s the main reason I’m looking for additional Lesbrarians. We may have to wrestle negotiate who gets to keep the physical books, but still.

What’s the difference between a Lesbrarian and a Guest Lesbrarian?

Lesbrarians post at least once a month, while guest lesbrarians send in reviews whenever they feel like it. Lesbrarians have posts on scheduled dates, while Guest Lesbrarians have their posts updated somewhat sporadically.  Lesbrarians have access to review copies of books.

What is “les/bi/etc” content?

I have yet to hit upon a succinct, accurate description of the demographic I’m aiming for with the Lesbrary. “Les/bi/etc content” is my shorthand for “content that includes or is about people who do not identify as men and are romantically and/or sexually attracted at least some of the time to other people who do not identify as men, including lesbians and bisexual/pansexual/omnisexual/some multisexual/etc women and genderqueer/agendered/bigendered/etc people, and also sexual and/or romantic content between two women regardless of their orientation, unless, of course, any of these people do not wish to be included under this umbrella,” and that’s still not including everyone who could be included under this umbrella unless they would not like to be included under this umbrella. So although “les/bi/etc” is problematic, until I can find something better, that’s the shorthand.

Anything else?

I’m looking for more than one other Lesbrarian, so there’s no competition. A romance reviewer would be especially great, because those are the ones that get sent in the most often. E-book readers would be great, too, because they’re usually digital copies.

If you’d like to be a Lesbrarian, email me at!

Even if you’re not interested, consider passing on this link to other who might be interested (especially if they would appreciate having access to more les/bi/etc books).