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the cover of Fit for the Gods

To celebrate the release of Fit for the Gods, co-editor Jenn Northington is giving away ten copies.

There are so many retellings of Greco-Roman mythology out there—and now there are 15 more! For all the other fans who cannot get enough and are always hoping to see new takes and new identities on the page, and new authors playing fast and loose with one of the most well-known mythologies in the world, Fit For the Gods: Greek Mythology Reimagined is an anthology of gender-bent, queered, race-bent, and inclusive retellings. 

Co-edited by Jenn Northington and S. Zainab Williams, who grew up on these stories and are always ready for more, the anthology includes short fiction from across genres by authors including Zeyn Joukhadar, Sarah Gailey, Mia P. Manansala, and Alyssa Cole. Want a non-binary Odysseus in space, or a lesbian Aeneas of Kumeyaay descent? How about a trans Tiresias in Italy, or a Blind pansexual, polyamorous Aphrodite? All these and more await you! 

Northington will choose ten winners from her list of TinyLetter subscribers on September 21st using a random number generator.

Subscribe by midnight EST on September 20th to be eligible. Are you already subscribed? Perfect! You’re automatically entered into the drawing. Subscribers receive emails when she remembers to send one, which is currently less than five times per year.

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SPONSORED POST: The Buy-In by Hakeela Buford

It was a love story…

that WASN’T supposed to be a love story.

The Buy-In, an interactive romantic comedy novel

What do authors and culinary arts grads meeting in late summer have in common?

What do past-life marketers/copywriters and actors have in common besides just selling a story?This is a sponsored post from I Heart Lesfic. For more information, check out the Lesbrary’s advertisement options.

What do unhealthy obsessions with Lipton Brisk iced tea and mysteries set over a DeBarge album really have in common with a mastered bowl of curry while listening to some Coi Leray?

Maybe a whole lot.

Maybe a whole not.

Or maybe, one has to stop thinking and actually test out the vibe, no matter how unfamiliar or unimagined, to know for sure…

Especially when everyone’s talking about you (two).

After returning home from a book signing for her latest release, Arielle “Elle” Smith (@ElWordSmith) walks in on a surprise that is unfortunately not really such a surprise and makes a vow right then and there that selling stories is all she’ll be focusing on for the foreseeable future.

That is until, just a matter of weeks later, the Las Vegas-based, now relationship-jaded, Black lesbian rising author receives a business proposition from the mysterious LA-based actress/aspiring restaurateur Jae’cy Carter (@J_Carter)

and then some.

In this serious yet funny yet suspenseful (sometimes even a bit steamy) “learning to love again” story, two Black women, two Millennials are just trying to write their next big book so as to never return to the corporate world again (introverted yet unintentionally charming Arielle), open their dream café to prove it to themselves (collected yet passionate Jae’cy), and do everything else BUT fall in love. But the heart wants what the heart wants, no matter how much one tries to fight it. No matter the differences—beyond one being lesbian and the other (?)…, beyond one loving R&B while the other prefers rap, beyond the surface.

Speaking of music…

✓ You’re as obsessed as Elle is with all things ’90s and 2000s R&B

✓ You like a slow-paced romance mixed in with some shouting aloud at the characters in frustration

✓ You like a good friends to lovers trope

Sounds good?


Pre-Orders (ebook only) Available Now https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C8KFTW2S?ref_=ast_author_dp#detailBullets_feature_div

On Sale (ebook and print) July 28th

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Giveaway of 3 Signed Copies of Sapphic Romance! (SPONSORED POST)

To celebrate the release of Fire, Water, and Rock, Alaina Erdell is giving away three signed copies.

When budding geologist Jessica Sterling arrives to work on her thesis while camping in Washington’s Dry Falls State Park for the summer, she shatters park ranger Clare DeVere’s hope for an uneventful season.

Read more about this age-gap, contemporary sapphic romance here.

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SPONSORED POST: Support the Kickstarter for this Lesbian Greek Mythology Comic!

the cover of Meraki against a rainbow gradient background

We’re excited to launch our next issue of MERAKI: a lesbian LGBTQ+ comic book series set in a futuristic world infused with Greek mythology.

I created MERAKI, because I wanted to see more LGBTQ+ characters. Representation matters for our community. The characters in MERAKI are funny, caring, intelligent, flawed, and gay. They are simply Human. Their sexuality is a part of them, but it is only part of their story.

This comic book series follows Psi and her team through this savage world infused with Greek Mythology.

Born into the land of Wrathic Warriors, Psi ascended swiftly through the savage ranks. Her path forged in blood, she now commands the deadliest military team on Balen. This is her story!

We will have early bird specials including limited rewards for the first 48 hours! And for a special bonus, everyone who pledges during the first 48 hours and types “Add Me In!” into the comments will be entered to win a cameo appearance in MERAKI #7! Click here to join our campaign:


Please consider pledging today to help sure we have the strongest launch possible. Thank you!

—M.K. Palmer, creator and writer of Meraki

Crystal’s House of Queers by Brooke Skipstone is 99¢ June 26 – July 2!

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Get Crystal’s House of Queers by Brooke Skipstone
for 99¢ June 26 – July 2!

Crystal's House of Queers cover

Three senior girls in rural Alaska escape their abusive pasts by raising their dyke flag for themselves and their community.

Crystal Rose woke up at three in the morning today, drenched in sweat and breathless after another sex dream with Haley Carson. Later at school in the tiny town of Clear, Alaska, Crystal saves Haley from an assault by her abusive boyfriend.

The two girls renew a love started years ago that had to stay hidden until now. But with Crystal’s grandparents in the hospital with Covid and the possibility of her drug addict parents returning from a 14-year absence, Crystal needs Haley as much as she needs Crystal.

They connect with Payton Reed, a gun-toting artist who helps them feel proud to be gay and willing to stand up to anyone. Together they struggle to make Crystal’s house safe for those who are hated for their love.

99¢ promo Crystal's House