SPONSORED POST: Support the Kickstarter for this Lesbian Greek Mythology Comic!

the cover of Meraki against a rainbow gradient background

We’re excited to launch our next issue of MERAKI: a lesbian LGBTQ+ comic book series set in a futuristic world infused with Greek mythology.

I created MERAKI, because I wanted to see more LGBTQ+ characters. Representation matters for our community. The characters in MERAKI are funny, caring, intelligent, flawed, and gay. They are simply Human. Their sexuality is a part of them, but it is only part of their story.

This comic book series follows Psi and her team through this savage world infused with Greek Mythology.

Born into the land of Wrathic Warriors, Psi ascended swiftly through the savage ranks. Her path forged in blood, she now commands the deadliest military team on Balen. This is her story!

We will have early bird specials including limited rewards for the first 48 hours! And for a special bonus, everyone who pledges during the first 48 hours and types “Add Me In!” into the comments will be entered to win a cameo appearance in MERAKI #7! Click here to join our campaign:


Please consider pledging today to help sure we have the strongest launch possible. Thank you!

—M.K. Palmer, creator and writer of Meraki