Link Round Up: April 11-24

no one helped by marcia m gallo   no confession no mass jennifer perrine   OneHundredDaysofRain   dirty-river   undertheudalatree

Autostraddle posted Lez Liberty Lit #95: My Puppy Ate My To-Read Pile.

BCLA LGBTQ posted Middle Grade Books with LGBTQ+ Themes – Part 1.

The 2016 Goldie Finalists have been announced.

Lambda Literary posted Publishing Triangle Awards: Winners Announced.

LGBTQ Reads posted Under the Gaydar: Bad Girls Edition.

Women and Words posted Hot off the Press, April 2016 and Coming Attractions, May 2016.

how many letters are in goodbye yvonne cassidy   bigbigsky   the-gay-revolution-9781451694116_lg   longredhair   bodymap

How Many Letters in Goodbye? by Yvonne Cassidy was reviewed at ALA GLBT Reviews.

Big Big Sky by Kristyn Dunnion was reviewed by Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian.

The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle by Lillian Faderman was reviewed at Okazu.

Long Red Hair by Meags Fitzgerald was reviewed by Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian.

myyearzero   we love you charlie freeman cover   lovebythenumbers   ask a queer chick   life in a box is a pretty life

My Year Zero by Rachel Gold was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

We Love You, Charlie Freeman by Kaitlyn Greenidge was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Love by the Numbers by Karin Kallmaker (audiobook) was reviewed at Omnivore Bibliosaur.

Ask a Queer Chick: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life for Girls Who Dig Girls by Lindsay King-Miller was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

the predicament of or shani mootoo   lesbian sex haiku book with cats   so much to be done barbara brenner   the abyss surrounds us   oscar of between

The Predicament of Or by Shani Mootoo was reviewed by Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian.

The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (With Cats!) by Anna Pulley was reviewed at AfterEllen and Autostraddle.

So Much To Be Done: The Writings of Breast Cancer Activist Barbara Brenner edited by Barbara Sjoholm was reviewed at ALA GLBT Reviews.

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie was reviewed at Rich In Color.

Oscar of Between: A Memoir of Identity and Ideas by Betsy Warland was reviewed at Autostraddle.

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