Link Round Up (2 Week Edition)


AfterEllen posted 5 reasons you should read Rachel Maddow’s “Drift” and Your New School Library: Queer tales from debut authors (and more!).

Autostraddle posted Queer Harlem: From LGBT Icons of the Harlem Renaissance to Invisible Me and Sinclair Sexsmith on “Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica”: The Autostraddle Interview.

Bella Books posted Cats in Lesbian Fiction – Our List So Far! and Goldie Finalists on Sale!

Bold Strokes Books posted

C-Spot Reviews posted Lesfic Roundup – Humour.


Elisa posted

F/F Fan Fiction Reader’s Corner posted By Request.

Friend of Dorothy Wilde posted So what is Friend of Dorothy Wilde all about, anyway?

Good Lesbian Books posted

I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell Do I Read? posted The Gay Community Stands Up With The African American Community And Demands Justice For Trayvon Martin.


Lambda Literary posted

Lesbians vs Zombies from Noble Romance posted Midnight Melody by Kate Devlin – Release Day!

The Outer Alliance posted Coming Out #6: Sigrid Ellis on Chicks Dig Comics and Links! Awards! Books!

The Rainbow Project posted 2013 Nominations: Sparks, Tessa Masterson, Berry Blue Summer & Song of Achilles.

Readings In Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction posted Readings welcomes Bev Prescott.

Sistahs on the Shelf Literary Promo Blog posted Live Chat With Fiona Zedde on April 13! and SOTS Books 2 Check Out – April 2012.

Women and Words posted


“Desert Hearts” returns to the big screen at Out North was posted at Bent Alaska.

Alison Bechdel posted hellzapoppin’.

Emily M. Danforth was interviewed at Lambda Literary.

Sarah Diemer (aka Elora Bishipposted Release Day: Braided, a Lesbian Rapunzel (The Second Novella in the Sappho’s Fables Series!)

Sarah Toshiko Hasu posted Megume and the Lammys.

Karin Kallmaker posted

Q. Kelly posted Why “Switch”? and “Switch” Is Out!

Malinda Lo posted In which I return to the real world…

Catherine Lundoff posted

Rachel Spangler posted LoveLife is Now Available and Search Terms of the Month!

Michelle Tea was interviewed at Used Furniture Review.

Rebekah Weatherspoon posted Day 658.


How Beautiful the Ordinary edited by Michael Cart was reviewed at things mean a lot.

One Solstice Night by Elora Bishop (aka Sarah Diemer) was reviewed at Friends of Dorothy Wilde.

Parting Shots by Caron Cro was reviewed at Good Lesbian Books.

The Difference Between You and Me by Madeleine George was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Not in This Family: Gays and the Meaning of Kinship in Postwar North America by Heather Murray was reviewed at the feminist librarian.

Getting Somewhere by Beth Neff was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

The Way by Kristen Wolf was reviewed at The Rainbow Reader.

More reviews linked at the Lesbrary twitter!