Laura Mandanas reviews “4 Stories, 4 Stories Up” by Sara Elizabeth

“4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up” by Sara Elizabeth is a series of vignettes following the budding romance between two high school girls. Barely five pages long, it is brief, lovely, and tantalizingly well written.

As the story follows the ups and downs of the couple’s relationship, the first person writing is straightforward and the emotion is sincere. The beloved is adoringly described with a lover’s attention to detail, and the situations in each vignette are vivid and familiar. As the main character falls for Liz, the reader can’t help but fall for her as well; and when Liz breaks the main character’s heart, she breaks the reader’s right along with it.

I recommend this story with a glass of wine. Not for the buzz, but so that you have something to slow you down, to help make this delightful story last just a little bit longer.

4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up” is available digitally from Untreed Reads for $1.50. For more of Sara’s work, check out her portfolio.