Link Round Up

Bella Books posted Book Giveaway: Tell Your Curious Wine Story!

Bibrary Bookslut posted Spring Celebration Interviews & Giveaways – Week 2.

Gay YA posted about parents in queer YA and a guest post by Julie Anne Peters.

Lambda Literary posted

Lesbilicious posted Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch BBC adaptation: Lesbilicious review and Taiwan gets first lesbian magazine.

Literally Lesbian Book Review posted Why Lesbian Fiction Visibility is Important: A Visual.

Little Sisters Bookstore posted Travel Guides 2011 (glbt).

Rainbow Books posted Rainbow Books on the ALSC Blog.

Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women’s Fiction posted Readings with Janet Mason.

A post about trends in queer YA was posted at Poisoned Rationality.

A post about “LGBT-themed books for tweens and high schoolers” was posted at Offbeat Mama.

LGBTQ Voice 2011 has started at Dreaming In Books.

Ivan E. Coyote was interviewed at BadRep and was posted about at rabbitthefeminist.

Catherine Friend posted a guest post at Rachel Spangler’s blog.

Jae posted an excerpt from her recently completed book.

Malinda Lo posted Massive roundup of HUNTRESS news , On music and writing (and a HUNTRESS playlist), and How hard it is to sell an LGBT YA novel?

Marianne K. Martin was interviewed at Bett Norris’s blog.

Wildthorn by Jane Eagland was reviewed at Stella Matutina.

Stilettos and Steel by Jeri Estes was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Serving LGBTIQ Library and Archives Users edited by Ellen Greenblatt was reviewed at the feminist librarian.

The Cruel Ever After by Ellen Hart was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson was reviewed at books i done read.

Ash by Malinda Lo was reviewed at books i done read.

Huntress by Malinda Lo was reviewed at Heather Anne Hogan! and tor.

“Unspoken – A Val & Irulan” by Ronnie Massey was reviewed at PassionReads.

Come Back to Me by Chris Paynter was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Inside the Money Machine by Minnie Bruce Pratt was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Best Lesbian Romance 2011 edited by Radclyffe was reviewed at Elevate Difference.

When Did Indians Become Straight? by Mark Rifkin was reviewed at Elevate Difference.

From This Moment On by PJ Trebelhorn was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters was reviewed at The Literate Housewife Review.

Pink by Lili Wilkinson was reviewed at Gay YA and Steph Su Reads.

When Women Were Warriors: A Journey of the Heart by Catherine M. Wilson was reviewed at Kissed By Venus.

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