SPONSORED POST: Launch Day for A Taste of Her: Bite-Sized Lesbian Romance Stories

the cover of A Taste of Her

It’s release day for A Taste of Her: Bite-sized lesbian romance stories!

Hey everyone, it’s Tiana Warner dropping in, the author of bestselling sapphic novels like Ice Massacre (Mermaids of Eriana Kwai #1) and The Valkyrie’s Daughter. 👋 I’m excited to be doing a sponsored blog post today!

A Taste of Her is a new collection of over 16 spicy and sweet sapphic short stories, and it’s on sale today for $0.99. The discounted launch runs until August 12th, and you can grab your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B4B1293Z Read on for a couple of excerpts!

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About A Taste of Her

Indulge in this collection of 16+ sapphic short stories. These spicy and sweet romances will take you from a pirate town in the Caribbean to a modern-day nightclub to a faraway castle. Find a story to fit your mood: enemies-to-lovers, second-chance romance, forbidden love, masc/femme, non-binary, and more. These stories are for a mature audience (18+) due to sexual content.

Learn more about this book and Tiana Warner’s other books at tianawarner.com

An excerpt from The Tasting Room

The interview room suddenly feels a lot smaller. Marie’s knee grazes mine. Have we been sitting this close the whole time or did we both lean in?

Her perfume is intoxicating. I drop my gaze to her lips, something primal threatening to overtake me.

Beyond the door, a bell chimes, and conversation erupts. We both start, like we’ve forgotten where we were.

Marie’s gaze darts to the clock on the wall. It’s rustic and trendy like everything else about this building. “I have a party to entertain.”

My insides hollow out. “Right. Of course.”

But she definitely made an advance a second ago, right? Is she regretting her words? Maybe she suddenly remembered that this is an interview, and flirting is a terrible idea.

I get up and step toward the door, flustered.

“Let me,” Marie says, hurrying ahead. She stops with a hand on the door. “Kiera, I like your resume. It’s why I called you here. I’m sorry if I…”

We’re standing close together, the air crackling between us.

“I hope you’re not sorry,” I say, the words barely a whisper. I’m not sorry at all. I’m embarrassed and confused, sure, but I don’t regret letting her know that I never got over her.

Her ruby lips part, and her sweet breath tickles my face. Her chest rises and falls more rapidly. There’s a flash of uncertainty behind her eyes, the first glimpse of something other than total confidence. She cups a cool hand to my cheek, leans in…

And our lips meet in a gentle, teasing kiss. It’s the kiss I’ve dreamed about since we met, and it’s better than I imagined. Her lips are full, her taste is sweet, and it sends a tingle all the way through me.

I feel her pulling back, as if she’s ready to gauge my reaction or apologize, but I don’t want the kiss to be over. I slide my hands around her waist, pull her close, and kiss her deeper.

An excerpt from The Knight and Her Princess

The last time we saw each other, we were hardly fourteen. Now, she’s an eighteen-year-old beauty, her face full, her waist curved, her curly red hair well-groomed. Her familiar features pull my memories forward, making my insides tingle—her soft skin beneath my palms, her lips against mine, the rush of something forbidden coursing through me. How often did we escape to the stables during that year together? Fifty, sixty, a hundred times?

Heat rises in my face. God, I thought my feelings had dissolved. With years to forget her, and knighthood to draw my focus, I’d hoped she could become my past and nothing more.

Seeing her now, I’m weak in the knees, and I know I failed to forget about her.

Remembering my duty, I dip into a bow. “Princess Enid, I have ridden here with the Knights of East Abria to rescue you.”

“Brianna?” she says, a hand on her chest.

My heart skips. “Yes. Hi.”

She’s frozen, taking me in with wide eyes. “You’re a knight!”

I look down at myself as if to check whether her words are true. The sight of my armor makes me stand taller. “Yes.”

“But I—I thought your father was going to make you marry that tailor.”

I almost smile. “Princess, do you honestly think I would have given myself over to a man?”

She flushes, possibly remembering how many times I proved to her that I wasn’t interested in men.

Get A Taste of Her for $0.99 until August 12: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B4B1293Z

Learn more about Tiana Warner’s books at tianawarner.com