Sponsored Post: Kickstart This Sapphic Fairy Tale Visual Novel!

an illustration of Robin shooting an arrow

Red Rebellion is a sapphic fairy tale fantasy that follows Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood as they team up to save their village while navigating their growing feelings for each other. It combines magic and folklore with real history, and aims to accurately explore the lives of queer folk living in late Medieval England.

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You can check out the demo (PC/Mac/Linux) here, which contains the first chapter of the story: https://aikasacolle.itch.io/red-rebellion

And you can learn more about the characters and setting in our ongoing Kickstarter campaign: https://bit.ly/3Hcrwpl

Our first, completed project is also available on the Kickstarter at a steep discount for backers: Mizuchi, a sapphic retelling of the Legend of the White Snake.

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The group behind these projects is Aikasa Studio, a queer, WOC-lead team that loves fairy tale retellings, and is dedicated to the representation of minority voices in historical fiction.

We’re also passionate about interactive fiction. We love being able to explore the different ways a story could end. Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from your childhood? We create stories with choices – and also with sound, visuals and animation.

an image of two figures embracing while falling through the air, roses falling around them

Thank you for checking out Red Rebellion. We hope you’ll join us in making this fairy tale a reality!