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I’ve been running the Lesbrary for over a decade, but did you know book blogging is also, separately, my full time job? It’s (somehow) true! My day job is being an Associate Editor at Book Riot. I do a lot of things there, including co-hosting the All the Books podcast, but one of my favourite things I get to do is write Our Queerest Shelves, Book Riot’s twice weekly queer books newsletter!

If you like the Lesbrary, I think you’ll also like my newsletter. I highlight a couple queer new releases every Tuesday and Thursday, plus a big list of more LGBTQ books out that week. I then recommend a few queer books on a theme, like queer autistic teens taking on the world, sapphic romances starring pets (plus two sapphic YA books with dogs named Waffles), queer activism history books, and lots more.

I also include links to some of the most interesting queer lit news stories and book reviews out that week, like I do with Lesbrary Links. Basically, Our Queerest Shelves is a mash-up of everything I do at the Lesbrary, but looking at the whole LGBTQIA2S+ alphabet!

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