Our Queerest Shelves: My Weekly LGBTQ Newsletter

As you may or may not know, I now work full time at Book Riot, where I have been writing for years. It’s truly a dream come true! One of the things I do there is write Our Queerest Shelves, a weekly newsletter about queer books that just launched in June! It’s kind of a mash-up of things I’ve been doing already, but looking at all kinds of queer rep, not just sapphic books. If you’re interested in LGBTQ lit in general, consider signing up!

Every week, I round up the most interesting queer bookish links from around the internet plus the newest LGBTQ posts on Book Riot, highlight some of the week’s queer new releases, and talk about whatever queer bookish topics that come to mind. This week (the newsletter going out today!), I talked about illustrated LGBTQ primers, like the Pocket Change Collective. Last week, I discussed how all my favorite books as a kid turned out to be queer (looking at you, Baby-Sitters Club!)

I’m really enjoying writing it, so I hope you sign up to another place I talk about queer books all day! (Podcasts, videos, blogs, newsletters–I’m slowly collecting every format possible.)