New Sapphic Releases: Bi and Lesbian Books Out June 27, 2023!

It looks like most publishers didn’t want to wait until the last few days of Pride to release their queer books, so it’s just a mini round up this week! I am happy to see a Harlequin romance novel starring two Black women out this week. We deserve tropetastic romances like the “surprise pregnancy” romance subgenre, too. That’s enough preamble! Here are three sapphic books out this week.

the cover of Twin Babies to Reunite Them

Twin Babies to Reunite Them by Ann McIntosh (F/F Romance)

Back on her wife’s doorstep…
with a double baby bombshell!

Facing a custody battle over her unborn twins, nurse McKenzie Bonham knows there’s just one person who can help—Dr. Saana Ameri, Kenzie’s estranged wife! Pretending their marriage is going strong is the only way Kenzie can guarantee she won’t lose her babies. But if she thought convincing Saana would be the hardest part, she’s wrong—because it’s much harder to resist making their reunion real!

the cover of Hearts Forged in Dragon Fire

Hearts Forged in Dragon Fire by Erica Hollis (Lesbian F/F YA Fantasy)

Most dragontongues don’t live long enough to learn from their mistakes. Lotte Meer is luckier than most, surviving long enough to communicate with the fierce, sullen, and temperamental dragons who are not above enjoying a human as a light snack. And she has the scars to prove it.

Now a massive, foul-tempered dragon has taken over the town of Morwassen’s Pass, taking the citizens hostage. As long as they bring him their gold and treasure, he won’t reduce their city to a smoking heap of ash and death. Only, the treasure is running out and Lotte—with the help of sharp-tongued, unbelievably cute Maryse Basvaan—is their last and only hope.

But this dragon is more cunning—and more cruel—than any other. Not only is he holding Lotte’s estranged mom captive, but he has a taste for betrayal…and somehow he’s stricken some kind of secret deal with the girl who’s already gone and stolen Lotte’s heart.

Lotte won’t fail. She can’t.

Because if she does…everyone dies.

the cover of Song of My Softening

Song of My Softening by Omotara James (Queer Poetry)

The raw poems inside Song of My Softening studies the ever-changing relationship with oneself, while also investigating the relationship that the world and nation has with Black queerness.

Poems open wide the questioning of how we express both love and pain, and how we view our bodies in society, offering themselves wholly, with sharpness and compassion.

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