Welcome to the Lesbrary!

I’ve been searching for a lesbian book blog for quite a while now. Since I still haven’t been able to find one, I decided it was time to make my own. The Lesbrary (“lesbrary” from “lesbrarian”) is a place for reviews of books that have queer women content, or are written by queer women, but content is a little more important.

To the side are some of my Lesbrary resources: places where you can get lists of queer women books. Most of the time, though, they combine gay and lesbian content, when all I’m really after is the girl love. Up at the top are a short explanation of what I hope the Lesbrary is about, and some info on how you can submit your own reviews and be a “guest lesbrarian”. (Please do!)

I thought to start off I’d give some general recommendations for people who aren’t sure where to begin. After this, I’ll be doing individual reviews.

10 Replies to “Introduction”

  1. Louise

    Hi! I found your blog via the LJ Lesbian community. I have to say that it’s a really nice idea and I like the look so far! Adding it to my favorite blogs on Google Reader! 🙂

  2. Tara

    Thank you sooo much!! I came here via the LJ community, and I’m looking forward to more posts, I’m always on the lookout for good lesbian-themed books 🙂

    1. Danika Post author

      Me too! That’s why I finally bit the bullet and made a blog for it myself. Hopefully it’ll be helpful!

  3. allis

    I found this blog via a post on lj.
    I’m already loving it, and wanted to thank you for the useful links and nice recommendations 🙂
    I’ll probably be looking around here often, and I might even try to make a review some day.

    Again, thank you for this blog.

    1. Danika Post author

      Please do! I’m always looking for more reviews. (I can’t read much more than a book a week, and only about half of those are lesbian, so it’s hard to keep the Lesbrary active!)

  4. Sam

    Hello! Similar to all the others, I found your blog through LJ as well. Thank you very much for creating this! I’m exactly one of those people who just ‘don’t know where to begin’. Now I do 🙂