Allysse reviewed Super by Mari Sroud

by Mari SroudSuper is the story of (humans) super-heros who wander the streets at night to make cities safe. The book follows the life of Ophelia. She is not the narrator per se but very well could be. We live the adventure through her eyes.

Ophelia is a rich heiress by day and a super-hero by night with her girlfriend. Everything is going perfectly well in her world until other super-heros starts acting strangely, attacking each other. Soon Ophelia finds herself caught up in what is happening and has no choice but to go to the bottom of the mystery if she wants to live. She is helped by her girlfriend, her ex-boyfriend Marcus, and a couple of other super-heros.

The intrigue is fairly simple as a whole but well thought and well developed. I have never been really surprised by anything but it is really fun to read and well-written. The story is always moving forward, no scene is unnecessary and brings new information. I appreciated how the moments of actions are mixed with the more emotional ones. It is always well paced and the moments of calm and intimacy give reality and personality to the characters, making them feel three dimensional.

I also really enjoy the interactions between the characters. I could feel they all share a common past and histories. Enough is revealed to make us understand who they are to each other but never the entire explanations. Blanks are left and they made me very curious about the characters and their pasts. I’m hoping to get to know them better in the rest of the series.

The book is highly entertaining and I devoured it very quickly, enjoying plunging into this world of super-heros. After reading the book I found out it is the start of a series and I’m really happy about that because it means I’ll get to read more adventures with those characters.

While the book will probably never make it to my list of favourites, it is very well written and it makes for a light, easy and entertaining read. I’ll definitely read the second book and I hope it’ll be just as good or even better than the first. In any case, the first book promise a good second one.

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