Welcome to Pride Month at the Lesbrary!

The first Pride was a riot. A riot against police.

This Pride, support Black Americans protesting for their rights. When you’re building your Pride TBR, support Black LGBTQ authors.

Pride Month at the Lesbrary

Happy Pride Eve! Of course, at the Lesbrary we celebrate queer women lit all year long, but Pride is the one time of year that queer books get a spotlight, and this year we want to take advantage of that!

To celebrate, the Lesbrary will be posting an article every day in June! Some will be re-posts of content you might have missed, some will be updated versions of previous posts, and some will be brand new! This is in addition to the regular features like reviews and link round ups, so some days will have two posts go up.

So check back every day in June for posts like: queer booktuber recommendations, trans wlw books, cotton candy queer books, and sapphic Shakespeare retellings! This year is the perfect time to celebrate Pride by stocking up on own voices queer books and recommending them to others, so get ready to see your TBR grow. Happy Pride!

Support the Lesbrary on Patreon at $2 or more a month and be entered to win a queer women book every month! $5 and up patrons get guaranteed books throughout the year on top of the giveaways!

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