Happy Pride! Here is Every Bi & Lesbian Book I’ve Read and Loved

The first Pride was a riot. A riot against police.

This Pride, support Black Americans protesting for their rights. When you’re building your Pride TBR, support Black LGBTQ authors.

Happy Pride! This year, we’re celebrating at the Lesbrary with content every day. I, Danika, have been running the Lesbrary for over 10 years now. In that time, I’ve read quite a few sapphic books, as you might imagine. And I’ve been keeping a list of every one that I’ve read and would recommend, including links to my full reviews for more. You can find this all year round on the Recommendations page, updated every month.

Of course, these are only the ones I’ve read! The Lesbrary usually has about a dozen reviewers at any given time. You can browse all of those books by genre, rating, and representation using the top navigation bar. But if you want a slightly shorter list to start with, here are my personal favourites!

Sapphic Book Recommendations




Historical Fiction:


Middle Grade:

Young Adult

SFF Young Adult:

Sci Fi:

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Romance and Erotica:

Comics/Graphic Novels/Manga:

Memoirs and Biographies:


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