Nichole reviews Unavailable by Angela Kelly

Unavailable by Angela Kelly: A collection of short fiction. A look into a woman’s heart – the strength of which comes from the experience and humorous, raw rhetoric.

I loved this book.

Right off the bat you know Kelly is going to take you some place new. She introduces “the unsures.” And then describes several of these bisexual women, and other characters, who have molded Kelly into who she is.

While the book could definitely be classified as a romance of sorts, the most relatable portion, at least from a young lesbian perspective such as my own, is the coming of age Kelly experiences throughout the book. Learning to map her way through her own heart and the LGBT dating world is something no one was ever taught in school. In that way, Kelly’s stories give me a bit of hope and a bit of insight into the way relationships, especially those that involve same-sex preferenced partners.

They can be tricky, says Kelly through her book. They can be heartbreaking and wonderful as well. Unavailable, however, goes beyond that and with humor, wit and heart pounding truth is truly a story of the redemption of coming to know yourself.

Grab some tissues. You’ll be laughing til you cry and tearing up a bit as well.

– Nichole