Lesbrary Link Round Up

Bonjour Cass! posted about her favourite [queer] nonfiction anthologies.

Elisa posted

Gay League posted Erika Moen Speaks! and Gay Previews 12/2011.

Good Lesbian Books posted Lesbian Knights In Fiction.

Kissed By Venus posted the newest Venus Magazine.

Lambda Literary posted

Over the Rainbow Books posted October 2011 Nominations for Over the Rainbow Books.

Queeries posted Things & stuff Oct 28th.

QueerType posted November Publishing Notes.

Readings In Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction posted Readings with MJ Williamz.

Women and Words posted The University of LesFic (Authors event at Muhlenberg College–Allentown, PA–November 11).

Xtra posted BC’s education minister receives more than 200 Purple Letters.

“It Gets Better: Recommended Reading for LGBT Teens” was posted at Huffington Post. (And by LGBT they mean, of course, LG)

“Turning the page on homophobia in publishing” was posted at Washington Blade.

Sandra Barret posted Hooked into Werewolf Fiction!

S. Bear Bergman was interviewed at Queeries.

Cheryl Crane was interviewed at The Advocate.

Ivan Coyote posted her newest article, “Bully This”.

Amber Dawn will be performing November 9th in Ottawa and in New York November 3.

Emma Donoghue was intereviewed about The Sealed Letter at Picador.

Jane Fletcher was interviewed by Rebecca S Buck at Leftlion.

Gabriella Goliger won an Ottawa book award for Girl Unwrapped!

Bett Norris posted What’s Missing in This Photo?

Sarah Schulman will be speaking at Pegasus Books in Berkeley November 14 and in San Francisco November 12.

Jeanette Winterson

Speaking Out! LGBT Youth Stand Up edited by Steve Berman was reviewed by Elisa.

“Far” by Sarah Diemer was reviewed at Good Lesbian Books.

The Sealed Letter by Emma Donoghue was reviewed at The Telegraph and The Irish Examiner.

Wildthorn by Jane Eagland was reviewed at Forever Young Adult.

Verge by Z Egloff was reviewed at Piercing Fiction.

Gay Rights and Moral Panic: The Origins of America’s Debate on Homosexuality by Fred Fejes was reviewed Shelly’s LGBT Book Review Blog.

The Princess Novels by Jim C. Hines were reviewed at Good Lesbian Books.

The Door at the Top of the Stairs by Alison Naomi Holt was reviewed at Kissed By Venus and The Rainbow Reader.

The Indelible Heart by Marianne K. Martin was reviewed at Kissed By Venus.

Voodoo by Ron Marz, Sami Basri, and Hendry Prasetya was reviewed at AfterEllen (The title says it all: “Voodoo is a hot, out black character stuck in a terrible comic”.)

Heroine Addiction by Jennifer Matarese was reviewed at Good Lesbian Books.

The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women by Mikaya was reviewed at Kissed By Venus.

Who I Am by M. L. Rice was reviewed at QueerYA.

Collective Brightness: LGBTIQ Poets on Faith, Religion & Spirituality edited by Kevin Simmonds was reviewed at Out In Print Queer Book Review.

Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica edited by Tristan Taormino was reviewed at The Pursuit of Harpyness.

Batwoman #1 & 2 by JH Williams III and W Haden Blackman was reviewed at Gay League.

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? by Jeanette Winterson was reviewed at Publishers Weekly, The IndependentTelegraph, The GuardianReadings, and Express.

6 Replies to “Lesbrary Link Round Up”

  1. annajcook

    thanks, as always, for the link love — and it’s always a pleasure to browse through these lists and see what’s out there being read and reviewed!

  2. Cass

    Thanks for linking to me & taking the time to compile these great lists of links. Question–which one of the books I featured didn’t seem to fall under “queer” to you? You said “mostly” and I can’t stop trying to figure it out, lol.

    1. Danika the Lesbrarian Post author

      Oh, they are all queer, aren’t they? I wasn’t familiar with a couple (Revolutionary Voices and The Femme Mystique), so I was hedging my bets, but you’re right, they’re all queer! Thanks Cass!