Exclusive Lesbrary Email List

Patreon has recently changed its policies to not allow raffles or giveaways as rewards. But I still want to be able to get those books to you! So now I’ve created an exclusive Lesbrary email list. $2 and up Patrons get added to the list, and I’ll hold giveaways there. Every month, one person is randomly selected to win a queer woman book! $5 and up Patrons will get 2 entries a month.

I had to delete all references to giveaways on the page, but it will still be working in the same way! It’s just being held off of Patreon now.

One more thing:

Once the Lesbrary Patreon hits $200 a month, we will be having 2 giveaways every month! That’s twice the chances to win!

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