Weekly Link Round Up

Bella Books posted Tracey Richardson “Fiction Writing” Class Starts 2/15 and All About Love! Staff Picks for Valentine’s Day.

Edmonton Lesbian Book Club posted some discussions questions about The Well of Loneliness.

Elisa – My Reviews and Ramblings posted about reviewing queer books at Amazon.

F/F Fan Fiction Reader’s Corner posted about some lesbian fiction/fan fiction sites.

Friend of Dorothy Wilde posted 36 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Adult, which includes lots of lesbian books and is generally fantastic.

GLBT Promo posted a link to a preview of the first story in Demons of Paradise: Lesbian Paranormal Erotica.

GLBT Reading posted January Wrap Up.

Lambda Literary posted

Queerty posted about Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon, a queer coloring book.

Readings in Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction posted Readings Celebrates Sapphic Signs and Post-Show: Readings Celebrates Romance.

A rant/discussion about Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit and Jeanette Winterson was posted at E.R. Womelsduff.

A thread about LGBT books is up at Reddit.

A write-up about Jacqueline Carey, author of the Kushiel series, was posted at Stella Matutina.

Ivan E. Coyote was interviewed at Butch Lab and finished her story “Rhymes with Pentecostal” in Xtra magazine.

Clifford Henderson was interviewed at Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Malinda Lo posted about getting a short story published.

Rachel Spangler posted about hunting out queer books at a conservative college library.

Jeanette Winterson was interviewed at BBC News.

From the Closet to the Courtroom: Five LGBT Rights Lawsuits That Have Changed Our Nation by Carlos A. Ball was reviewed at The Pursuit of Harpyness.

Breaker’s Passion by Julie Cannon was reviewed at Queer Magazine Online.

It’s Not Really About the Hair by Tabatha Coffey was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Missed Her by Ivan Coyote was reviewed at the Globe and Mail.

The Price Of Salt by Patricia Highsmith was reviewed at Bookish Butch.

Head Trip by D.L. Line was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

The L Life: Extraordinary Lesbians Making a Difference by Erin McHugh was reviewed at Lesbian Life at About.com.

Rumpled Silk Sheets: Lesbian Fairy Tales edited by E.M. Lynley was reviewed at Queer Magazine Online.

Graceful Waters by B L Miller and Verda Foster was reviewed at F/F Fan Fiction Reader’s Corner.

Tonight No Poetry Will Serve by Adrienne Rich was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Her Temptress by TK Turner was reviewed at Bibrary Bookslut.

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters was reviewed at eclectic/eccentric.

Pink by Lili Wilkinson was reviewed at Queer YA.