The Lesbrary is Looking for More Reviewers!

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Do you love reading queer women books? Feel like talking about them at least once a month? Want to be buried in an insurmountable pile of free bi & lesbian ebooks? Join the Lesbrary!

I am looking for more reviewers at the Lesbrary! You just have to commit to one review a month of any queer women book and in return you get forwarded all of the sapphic ebooks sent to us for possible review. You also get access to the Lesbrary Edelweiss and Netgalley accounts, where you can request not-yet-released queer titles.

I’m looking particularly for more reviewers of color, disabled reviewers, and trans reviewers, but anyone who regularly reads bi & lesbian books is welcome!

If you’re interested in joining the Lesbrary, send me an email at danikaellis at gmail with an example of a book review you’ve written. (It doesn’t have to have been published/posted anywhere before.) We’d love to have you on board!

One Reply to “The Lesbrary is Looking for More Reviewers!”

  1. Nutmeg

    Review for The First Love by Erinne Bates.

    This is a book capable of stirring the most dormant of hearts. You get to experience Calli’s rush of euphoric yet constricting emotions when she meets her first love, watch her adapt and grow as she comes of age and finding the port to call home with the last.

    Calli, at age 17, met her first love, Justine who left her with a vision of love that was never realised when circumstances forced them apart. Over the next 20 years, Justine was a passenger in her life, one who checked in but never truly intended to stay. At 38, Calli met Fenne, 12 years her junior and a love she could not completely immerse herself in as she battled with the brokenness after her years of dallying with Justine.

    My heart soared with the feelings Calli experienced with Fenne. Justine, in all the grandeurs of first love, felt like a dream that though sweet, was never one grounded in reality. A dip in the waters. A whetting of appetites. If Justine was wine, then Fenne was a fine wine. One that you could only know how to appreciate after you learned what you finally wanted. Fate threw an improved version of Justine – Fenne, to Calli. One who not only wanted Calli, but made her feel wanted. One who pursued her and intended to finish the race.

    “If you wait for me, I will come for you.” This basically summed up the person whom Calli knew she was truly waiting for. I did ponder a few times throughout the book, as to who Calli should end up with.

    If I could give this 6 stars I would. It’s just that good. And I wonder if you chose the same person for Calli like i did.