The Lesbrary Goodreads Project: 150+ Lists of Sapphic Books to Blow Up Your TBR

The first Pride was a riot. A riot against police.

This Pride, support Black Americans protesting for their rights. When you’re building your Pride TBR, support Black LGBTQ authors.

Happy Pride! This year, we’re celebrating at the Lesbrary with content every day. Today, I wanted to share with you a pet project you might not be aware of: the Lesbrary Goodreads Project. This is where I keep my giant lists of lists. On Goodreads, there are tons of LGBTQ book lists of every variety, but they can be a little difficult to browse due to mislabeling–and, of course, “LGBTQ” can so often mean “90% gay men.” So here are more 150 lists of bi & lesbian books, separated by identity (like asexual f/f romances, trans lesbian books, lesbian Jewish sleuths,  and Asian queer women books), general (like Best Lesbian Fiction), SFF and Horror, YA and Children’s, Romance and Erotica, nonfiction, and “specifics” (like Lesbian Nuns, Queer Women Road Trip Books and Lesbian Retellings).

If you know of a good sapphic book Goodreads list I’ve missed (not generally queer/LGBTQ/gay and lesbian, but specifically for queer women), let me know in the comments, and I’ll add it in!

Specific identities:


Speculative Fiction (SFF and Horror):

Young Adult/Teen/Children’s:

Romance and Erotica:

Mystery and Thrillers:


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Specific genres/content:

Good Lesbian Books’s lists that I haven’t put on Goodreads:

Other lists not yet on Goodreads:

The good thing about the Goodreads lists is that you can add books and vote for your favorites!

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