TB reviews Morning Rising by Samantha Boyette


When I opted to read Morning Rising (Guardian Of Morning Book 1) by Samantha Boyette I wasn’t sure what to expect. She’s a new author to me. But the premise of her fantasy novel intrigued me. So last night I sat down on my couch and started the book. At first I was baffled. Kara Hart, a teenager, doesn’t know what’s going on except she’s in a different world and she has three days to save a girl named Dylan. At first, I wondered if Boyette forgot that readers can’t read her mind. Then I started to enjoy her ploy. It forced me as a reader to become active in the story. Not only did Kara have to figure out what was going on, so did I. I became concerned about the main character, Kara, and started to cheer for her.

Slowly I learned that Dylan is no ordinary girl. She is in fact a princess and Kara is her Guardian. The Guardian has just a few days to rescue Dylan from Inbetween and to take her back to their world. Along the way, Kara finds helpers for her quest.

To add an interesting twist to the story, Kara and Dylan like each other. In fact, while this is a fantasy, it is also a love story between two teenage girls. And it demonstrates the power of love.

At times I felt a little uncomfortable about some of the mature subjects for this young adult book. I see why the author included the scenes but it did make for some difficult reading at times. On the whole, I enjoyed this novel. It was a quick and fun read. I read it in one sitting so it kept me interested until the very end. I should note that this book is the first part of a trilogy. If you hate books that end with a cliffhanger this isn’t the book for you. If you enjoy an entertaining young adult fantasy novel about two teenage girls in love, why not give it a try.