Kristi reviews Riot Girl by Louise Davis


Alecia passes the time by waitressing during the day, but at night she works hard trying to get her band to the right place. When Sam, the owner of the hot 55 Bar, walks into her restaurant, Alecia takes a chance that Sam might be interested. Which she is–and not just in the music. As Sam and Alecia begin a complicated song and dance around each other, Alecia’s relationship with the sweet Toni begins to move in the right direction. With two hot women and an open door to her music dream, can Alecia keep everything from falling down around her?

Riot Girl is a short book, coming in at around 150 pages. However it is packed with sensual sex scenes and angst-ridden relationship-building between Alecia and her two lovers. Alecia seems to have it all balanced somehow, but this triangle has more angles than you would expect. Unfortunately, the largest twist was discoverable by the middle of the story, which led to me rushing through some of the last chapters to see if I was right. Which I was.

The biggest issue I had with this book was with some of the type changes and links within the ebook. While one benefit of digital books can be external links that lead you to information that the reader may not know–such as actual musicians–there were sections of text that seemed to be links but were not, which popped me out of the story. (Note that this may be an advanced copy, but I am unsure.)

All in all, Riot Girl is a fun escape into the world of the struggling musician, one who discovers love along the way with not one, but two women. Whether that can lead to a happy ending, you will just have to read it yourself to discover.