LaToya reviews A Single Year by Dawn Mueller

A Single Year is the story of Mueller’s search for something more. It is an examination of her personal struggle to distinguish her newly single self while exploring unconventional ways to explore her sexuality. This memoir follows Dawn Mueller through her journey to further construct her sexuality after ending a nine-year, committed relationship. The reader watches as she opens up to the world of online dating and sex parties, and sees her begin an increasingly intimate relationship with a married couple.
As she reenters the dating scene in Chicago, the often awkward Mueller discusses some of the controversial concerns of an individual within a larger lesbian community. Mueller tackles a wide range of topics such as spirituality, polyamory, inclusion, and sobriety.
As an admittedly prudish reader (relatively), I had some difficulty with certain aspects of the story line. However, I’m sure many readers will appreciate Mueller’s often raw and authentic writing. If nothing else, it was interesting to learn more about the varied beliefs and behaviors of women in the lesbian community.
While some readers may not agree with the way Mueller approaches certain situations, her use of humor and honesty helps make her story more relatable. Even for those who do not identify well with Mueller’s viewpoint, this memoir has the potential to help one better understand her unique perspective.