Readathon Hours 6 & 7


Currently reading: Between books!

And how is it? Extras was good! I really enjoyed it. Though, again, I’ll be looking up reviews to cement my feelings about the Japan setting

Pages read this hour: Hour 6: 67, Hour 7: 71

Pages read so far: 487

Food eaten: Cucumber slices with hummus, kettle corn, and some delicious juice.

Interruptions: Chatted with my roommate a bit and grabbed food, but that’s all.

Anything else? Pance (the cat) left, but he came back. I couldn’t resist using him for another shot! I’m contemplating heading to the park, since it’s so nice out. I read on our front step in the sun for a bit, but it looks like the clouds are already moving in.

Hour 6 Mini Challenge: Best of Your Reading Year

Best YA Book of Your Reading Year: Definitely Adaptation by Malinda Lo!

Best Author of Your Reading Year: I could give this to Malinda Lo again, but I’m going to say Tamora Pierce, since I have been flying through her books and only read hers for the first time this year.

Best Fiction Book of Your Reading Year: Wow, I haven’t read a lot of general fiction this year so far. I have to go it to The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister

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