New Bi & Lesbian Books Out This Week!

New Bi & Lesbian Books Out This Week! (May 5th)

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2 Replies to “New Bi & Lesbian Books Out This Week!”

  1. Raphael

    These books sound great, especially Dangerous Remedy. Thank you for rounding them up!

    One thing, though. Presenting the descriptions of the books inside images this way means that screen readers won’t be able to read them, and the font size isn’t easily adjustable. You might want to think about making these types of posts more accessible so more people can get information about new books. Here is some more information I found:

    1. danikaellis Post author

      Thanks, Raphael! It is a challenge. This format was developed for tumblr, where images just do far better than text posts. I usually do image descriptions for tumblr images, but it would make the post too long to be usable. It is why I include the links to books underneath, though: the text on the images is just from the publishers’ description, which is included in full at the links.

      This is also just a week-by-week version of the monthly new releases post, which will be going up soon for May, and is in text format. I’ll link that in future weekly new releases posts, so people using screen readers can refer to that as well.

      Thank you for the resource! I’ll check it out.