Monthly Lesbrary Patreon Giveaway!

Lesbrary Patreon Giveaway!

On the Lesbrary Patreon page, every month patrons who pledge $2 or more a month are entered to win a free queer women book! (No, you don’t pay for shipping, and yes, it’s open internationally!)

(Technically, the giveaway happens on the “exclusive email list” which you get added to once you pledge $2 or more on Patreon.)

In addition to the giveaway, every $5 patron gets a guaranteed sapphic book in the mail twice a year! $10 patrons get books 4x a year, and $25 patrons get books every month!

Pictured above are just a few of the books available to choose from!

There are lots of other perks too, including access to the Lesbrary Discord channel and handwritten postcards from me every month.

Support the Lesbrary Patreon page here to be entered in the giveaway!