Link Round Up: August 10 – 16

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Daughters of Frankenstein: Lesbian Mad Scientists edited by Steve Berman was reviewed at QUEERcentric Books.

Mohawk Trail by Beth Brant was reviewed by Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian.

What It Feels Like for a Girl by Jennica Harper was reviewed at Autostraddle.

About a Girl by Sarah McCarry was reviewed at things mean a lot.

The One That Got Away by Carol Rosenfeld was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Because this week is a slow news week, I thought I’d share with you something I just discovered if you buy through Amazon and want to support the Lesbrary. As you may know, all the covers on the Lesbrary are linked to their Amazon pages including the Lesbrary affiliate link, which means anything you buy after clicking through that link, I get a small referral fee. (Even if it’s not related to the link you originally clicked on!)

If you buy from Amazon a lot, though, and want to support the Lesbrary without having to click through from the main site every time, you can install an add-on to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari so that the Lesbrary affiliate code is automatically added every time you shop at Amazon! Just enter “thelesb-20” into the Affiliate ID slot and I’ll automatically get a small referral fee on anything you purchase! Thank you so much for keeping the Lesbrary running!

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