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I follow hundreds of queer book blogs to scout out the best sapphic book news and reviews! Many of them get posted on Tumblr and Twitter as I discover them, but my favourites get saved for these link compilations. Here are some of the posts I’ve found interesting in the last few weeks. Buckle in for a lot of book bans news up front—and this is just scratching the surface, because I’m only including news stories that include sapphic books, while Gender Queer has been the most popularly targeted.

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel cover
A Lesson in Vengeance by Victoria Lee
Follow Your Arrow by Jessica Verdi
Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron
Each of Us a Desert cover

Each of the covers above is a sapphic book that has recently been banned or challenged.

Book Banning Corner:

A Virginia school board member called for burning LGBTQ books found in schools.

Librarians are grappling with conservatives’ latest wave of book bans, especially of LGBTQ and antiracist books. There’s an organized right-wing campaign to ban books across U.S. school and public libraries.

Censorship, especially of LGBTQ and antiracist books, is as a fever pitch right now.

Banning queer books in schools puts young lives at risk.

The proposed Texas book ban of LGBTQ, antiracist, and other “controversial” books would cost the state millions of dollars in staff time to enact, and most Texans don’t trust government officials to decide which books to ban from schools.

A Missouri school district is returning All Boys Aren’t Blue and Fun Home to school shelves after a petition from the ACLU called in unconstitutional.

Speaking of which: Queer Books are a Hydra: An Anti-Censorship Manifesto.

A small Pennsylvania library was denied funding because they host a “hate group”–which turned out to be a local LGBTQ group. In response, the library got tens of thousands of dollars in donations.

Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo
Milk Fed by Melissa Broder
cool for the summer cover
Sister Outsider cover
The Mercies cover

Malinda Lo won the National Book Award for Last Night at the Telegraph Club!

These are the most fanfic-ed TV F/F couples of all time. The fact that Xena and Gabrielle aren’t on this list makes me want to throw out the internet and start over, though.

Bookstagram helps bring LGBTQ people together into a community.

Dear TikTok, please add some description/context to your queer book lists. Queer books aren’t interchangeable!

Here’s what one educator learned from running a national LGBTQ book club for teachers.

Here’s a perfect Emily Dickinson poem for every song on Taylor Swift’s Red album.

These queer Jewish books make great last-minute Hannukah gifts.

It’s not all YA: here are some must-read adult LGBTQ books.

These 20 queer webcomics are must-reads.

Check out these these books about LGBTQ history and these ones.

The River Has Teeth cover
Carmilla edited by Carmen Maria Machado cover
Love After the End cover
Dress Codes for Small Towns cover
Satisfaction Guaranteed cover

Queer horror books to keep you up at night.

How lesbian vampire media stays immortal.

Read these books if you’re queer in a climate crisis.

Queer people don’t just live in cities. These books explore the rural queer experience.

What counts as a queer cookbook?

Read these sapphic foodie romances.

If you loved One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston, check out these other great WLW romances.

juliet takes a breath cover
Mean cover
No Straight Lines cover
The Jasmine Throne cover
Greedy cover

Hannah Gadsby is releasing a memoir next year!

Gabby Rivera centers queer Latinx joy in her storytelling.

What’s the deal with dykes and swords?” (On Gideon the Ninth and chivalry.)

No Straight Lines, a graphic nonfiction title about queer comics history, was made into a documentary!

Mean by Myriam Gurba is being adapted into a TV show!

The cover of The Oleander Sword by Tasha Suri, the sequel to The Jasmine Throne, has been revealed!

Greedy: Notes From a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much by Jen Winston was discussed at Autostraddle.

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