Kristi reviews Best Lesbian Romance 2012 edited by Radclyffe

Best Lesbian Romance 2012
edited by Radclyffe

I was excited to be able to get hold of a copy of this through The Lesbrary, as I have not picked up the last couple of years’ worth of editions. Radclyffe does well once again with seventeen stories meant to warm the heart – and libido.

A theme of self-discovery runs throughout the stories, as women turn to best friends ( Geneva King’s Note To Self) and strangers (Rachel Kramer Bussel’s French Fried) looking for love and romance. None of these women are questioning their sexuality, but their abilities to love, to be loved, and to take that last step into a relationship. Whether a story covers a few hours or a few months, the passionate, playful, heartfelt connections tie together each plot and create women that you can connect to every time. I really enjoyed every story that made it into this collection, but personal favorites were the first and last. Anna Meadows’ Vanilla, Sugar, Butter, Salt evoked my passion for baking, but I also appreciated the underlying theme of changing your perspective of the world to accept another’s into it. In Evan Mora’s A Love Story, sharing the tale, tall or true, of that first meeting unwraps the emotional memories of falling in love from the blankets of time.

A wonderful collection of hot, sexy, and sweet love stories, there is sure to be at least one in Best Lesbian Romance 2012 to please every reader.

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  1. Karen Wolfer

    Nice review. I’ve ordered my copy of the book and now can’t wait for the mail lady to deliver it. If only she knew what was inside that package! I’ll be tempted to read the last story immediately after the first one because of your recommendation. But in an anthology, perhaps that is not as great a sin as reading the last pages of a full novel, not that I would ever do that, or course.
    Keep the reviews coming! There are so many good books these days, it is nice to have someone to help us sort out which ones to buy first.