The Lesbrary was mentioned in The Houston Chronicle!

A week ago, I posted All 850 Books Texas Lawmaker Matt Kraus Wants to Ban: An Analysis on Book Riot. I dug into a 16 page list of books Krause wants pulled from school libraries to see what was on it–surprise, surprise: it’s mostly queer books. This post has gotten a lot of reach, especially on twitter… which is great, because it took me a long time to analyze that whole list!

Yesterday, a reporter at the Houston Chronicle quoted it in an article: Texas GOP’s book hunt mostly targets LGBTQ issues, not critical race theory, which shows how Republicans are using anti-CRT panic (CRT is “Critical Race Theory,” but that’s being used as an umbrella term for anything that teaches about racism and antiracism) as a cover for also pulling LGBTQ books out of schools.

a screenshot of the Houston Chronicle article, quoting my Book Riot post
An excerpt from the Houston Chronicle article

I’m glad to help shed some light on this ridiculous list and how out of line it is. It’s a jumbled mess, but it would be no better if it was all “CRT” books–we should be teaching antiracism in schools.

It’s also really gratifying to see my writing (and the Lesbrary!) being reported on in a newspaper, especially one that’s in a different country! (I live in Canada.) Hopefully this will lead a few more interested readers to the Lesbrary, which will lead them to a plethora of amazing queer women books.