Check out the Lesbrary Amazon Page!

In case you missed it, the Lesbrary has a Recommendations Page that has all my (Danika’s) top picks for bi and lesbian books! They are listed by genre, and are linked to their full review. It has grown and grown over the years, though, and now it’s a pretty intimidating list to scroll through. Now, though, the Lesbrary has an Amazon Page! All of the books on the Recommendation Page are now on the Amazon Page.

On the Amazon Page, you can scroll through my recommendations by genre and check out the covers first. Hover over each cover, and you’ll get a tweet-length recommendation. Of course, if you’re looking for more info, you can head over the Recommendations Page to get the full review.

If you buy anything through the Amazon Page, I get a small percentage, which helps keep the Lesbrary running. It also will be deleted if it’s inactive for 2 months, so if you find it useful, consider clicking through.

Check out the Lesbrary’s Amazon Page here!