About the Lesbrary:

The Lesbrary is a book blog about bi and lesbian books, with occasional coverage of other identities under the broad “doesn’t identify as a man and is at least some of the time attracted romantically and/or sexually to others who do not identify as a man” category.  Lesbrary books don’t have to be written by a queer author, though it helps.

The Lesbrary is mostly made up of reviews, but also has features like Link Round Ups (a collection of all the latest lesbian and bi lit news and reviews) and guest posts.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at danikaellis at gmail with “Lesbrary” included in the subject.


The Lesbrary is made up of about a dozen reviewers at a time, but we also post guest reviews! If you would like to submit a review (or an interview with a queer woman or non-binary author, or other relevant content), email danikaellis at gmail with “Lesbrary” included in the subject.

If you would like to submit a book to be reviewed at the Lesbrary, please see the Review Policy page.

About the Lesbrarians:

Once upon a time it was just Danika at the Lesbrary. Now there’s a whole team of Lesbrarians! Danika still manages the Lesbrary, but the reviews are done by the whole team.

If you would like to join the Lesbrary as a regular reviewer (at least one review a month) and receive ebooks to review, email danikaellis at gmail with “Lesbrary” included in the subject.

Head Lesbrarian:

Danika Leigh EllisI live in BC, Canada. I’m an Associate Editor at Book Riot. I started the Lesbrary back in 2010!

I’m on twitteryoutube, Goodreads, and the Lesbrary tumblr: Bi & Lesbian Literature!

My reviews are here.


Alice Pate: Alice is a lesbian Texas dwelling college student with a passion for stories. She is working on her Bachelor’s in English to put towards her dream job as an editor for a publishing house. Find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pillowfort, or read more of her personal reviews on lilacchildwrites.wordpress.com.

Alice Pate’s reviews can be found here.

Anna Marie: anna marie is a sick white queer femme moonslug who would sell their soul for chocolate and the colour red. They are a moon and sun capricorn (!), a scorpio rising and a leo midheaven. They do love books although they hate their english literature degree and are currently considering running away to 1920s paris to be part of the sapphic revolution. If anyone would like to join them and their anti-capital letters (and capitalist) tweeting they tweet @_lily_luna_

Anna Marie’s reviews can be found here.

Arina: Arina first discovered stories through their grandparents, who would regale them with tales of misbehaving kangaroos and gentle untailed monkeys, igniting a spark that would spread the wildfire of their love for books. Currently, they mostly brave the wild worlds of SFF but is actually a sucker for any great journey no matter its realm. You can find them at @voyagerarina and their blog.

Arina’s reviews can be found here.

Bee Oder: Bee is a lesbian librarian from Melbourne, Australia. She has a BA in Creative Writing and a teaching degree, both of which she puts to use by teaching creative writing to teenagers on the weekends. She lives with her pet rabbit, Dill Pickle, and spends most of her free time doing things related to books: buying them, reading them, writing them, gazing longingly at them. She can be found on Twitter, Instagram and tumblr @lesbeebooks doing all of the above.

Bee’s reviews can be found here.

Carmella: Carmella is a London-based lesbian who works in publishing. She has a BA in English literature and Creative Writing and aspires to have her own novels published one day. Her favourite genres are historical and Gothic fiction. In her spare time, she co-hosts Casting Lots: A Survival Cannibalism Podcast, plays dungeons and dragons, loiters around second-hand bookshops, and spends way too much money on west end shows. You can find her on Instagram @carmellalowkisTumblr @lesmiserabelles, and Goodreads.

Carmella’s reviews can be found here.

Carolina: Carolina is a Cuban-American lesbian working towards her BA in both Wildlife Conservation and English. She reads pretty much everything but her favorite genres are historical fiction, horror and literary fiction. She loves to play piano, watch movies and spend time with her two dogs. You can find her on Goodreads (@caro24601) and on Tumblr (@dvriangray).

Carolina’s reviews can be found here.

Casey: Casey, aka the Canadian lesbrarian, is a bisexual writer with an MA in English who lives in Vancouver.  When not reading queer Canadian lit or reviewing it for her blog, she’s teaching ESL, running, or drinking tea.  But not at the same time.  Find her on twitter.

Casey’s reviews can be found here.

Casey A. Casey is a non-binary bookseller and writer, a sometime poet and an all-the-time queer. Their favourite genre is usually sci-fi / fantasy, but they can be found reading kids books and angsty YA whenever the mood strikes. Most of their reads are for audiobooks because they have ADHD and printed text is not their friend. They recently attempted to start a bookstagram which you can find here @know.thy.shelf 

Casey A.’s reviews can be found here.

Emily Grace: Emily is a twenty something from England who studies History. When she’s not working she enjoys wandering ruins, embroidery, baking and spending time with her pets. She loves books and talks about them on twitter and instagram @violetsandbooks.

Emily’s reviews can be found here.

Emily Joy: Emily Joy is a 20-something who teaches ESL in Japan, but she originally hails from Ohio. She is an aspiring librarian/archivist. Her chief interests include Robin Hood mythos, antiquarian books, reading, knitting, Postcrossing, and sleeping in late. You can follow her on Goodreads and Tumblr.

Emily Joy’s reviews can be found here.

GenevraGenevra Littlejohn is a multiethnic, queer martial artist who lives in the woods with her partner and their two cats, baking and reading and cussing at her tomato garden.  She’s at http://fox-bright.tumblr.com, or you can find her on Facebook.

Genevra’s reviews can be found here.

JB: JB (she/her) teaches junior high history by day and reads lesbian fiction by night. Her favorite genres are fantasy, speculative fiction, historical non-fiction, and memoirs. She loves all things history, RPG podcasts, and watching longform video essays with her gf. You can find her on Instagram at @readingrhythms.

JB’s reviews can be found here.

Kayla Bell: Kayla Bell is the pen name of an author, reviewer, and lover of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. You can catch up with her on Instagram @Kreadseverything for more book reviews.

Kayla Bell’s reviews can be found here.

Landice: Landice is an autistic lesbian graphic design student who lives on a tiny farm outside of a tiny town in rural Texas. Her favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy & speculative fiction, and her favorite tropes are enemies-to-lovers, thawing the ice queen, & age gap romances. Landice drinks way too much caffeine, buys more books than she’ll ever be able to read, and dreams of starting her own queer book cover design studio one day.

You can find her as manicfemme on Bookstagram & Goodreads, and as manic_femme on Twitter. Her personal book blog is Manic Femme Reviews.

Landice’s reviews can be found here.

Mallory Lass: By day Mallory is extremely passionate about higher education fundraising and by night she is a hype girl for all things Sacramento, CA and all things queerkru (especially fandom rarepairs). Her favorite trope is age-gap. She wishes she could read all the things and eat more ice cream, alas hermione refuses to lend out her time-turner. Give her a follow on twitter@datalover916 or over on tumblr.

Mallory’s reviews can be found here.

Marieke: Marieke is a Dutch bi disaster usually living in London and finding all the best places to read (recommend the Reading Room in the Wellcome Collection). She is a fervent supporter of libraries, even if return deadlines are still tricky on occasion. Her favourite genres are magical realism, fantasy / fairy tales, and heist stories. You can find a collection of all these interests and more over on her booklr blog letsreadwomen.

Marieke’s reviews can be found here.

Meagan Kimberly: Meagan Kimberly is a Latinx writer, poet, traveler, and reader who identifies as bisexual. She holds a B.A. in creative writing from UCF and an M.B.A. in marketing from NSU. When she’s not engaged in the aforementioned activities, she can be found yelling and crying at her TV over fictional people that break her heart. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, or follow her blog here.

Meagan Kimberly’s reviews can be found here.

Megan G: Megan G is the recent recipient of an undergrad in English. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and watching Netflix. When she isn’t doing any of those things, you can find her on tumblr at miasswier.tumblr.com.

Megan G’s reviews can be found here.

Rachel Friars: Rachel Friars is a creative writer and academic living in Canada, dividing her time between Ontario and New Brunswick. When she’s not writing short fiction, she’s reading every queer novel she can find. Rachel holds two degrees in English literature and is currently pursuing a PhD in nineteenth-century lesbian literature and history. You can find Rachel on Twitter @MsBookishBeauty or on Goodreads @Rachel Friars.

Rachel Friars’s reviews can be found here.

Sash S: Sash is a queer non-binary writer/artist. They are part of the indie RPG collective SoulMuppet Publishing, and are usually tweeting about books, writing or assorted geekery. They also enjoy pole fitness and picking up whatever niche hobbies they can find. Catch them on Twitter @sp1ritjam.

Sash S’s reviews can be found here.

Shana: Shana is a Black bi femme who has a soft spot for low-angst romances, historical novels, and science fiction. She loves reading about unapologetically fat women, and class/cultural differences. When Shana’s not in California, you can find her on the road with her knitting, talking about politics, or baking pastries. Visit her on Twitter @SaysShana

Shana’s reviews can be found here.

Sheila: Sheila is a queer Métis woman, living in her home territory of Saskatoon, SK, Canada. She has worked in a number of libraries across Canada, but being back in the public library has given her the space to rekindle some love with books and reading. She also co-hosts a podcast about Indigenous publishing called masinahikan iskwêwak (which is Cree for Book Women) with two other Métis librarians. The podcast can be found at https://bookwomenpodcast.ca/; and Sheila tweets at @SheilaDianeL.

Sheila’s reviews can be found here.

Sinclair Sexsmith: Sinclair Sexsmith (they/them) won the reading contest in fifth grade, competed on multiple Battle of the Books teams during middle school, and continued to revere books through their Gender Studies thesis on the history of the lesbian novel in the 20th century and beyond. Currently, they read a lot of speculative fiction in addition to spirituality, poetry, and queer theory. They are the current editor of the Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year series, and they write about gender, sexuality, relationships, and kink at sugarbutch.net.

Susan: Susan is a queer library assistant from England. She has degrees in both Ancient History and Librarianship, and not enough shelves to hold all of her library books and video games. She can also be found on twitter or writing for Lady Business.

Susan’s reviews can be found here.

Thais: Thais is a Brazilian WOC queer. Her degree in Media Studies has slowly grown useless, even though she literary Majored in how to be good at social media (but can’t understand it better than twelve-year-olds) and she currently lives with her parents. She is an Editor and has too many opinions on books she should be reading for fun. You can find her on Goodreads or Twitter (@ThaisAfonso).

Thais’s reviews can be found here.

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  1. Karelia Stetz-Waters

    I can tell I am going to love this blog. I am always looking for good lesbian fiction to read. Thanks for bringing this together. I love the blog header, by the way. Did one of the lesbrarians do the art herself? It’s great.

  2. sjpowers1

    This is a great site! I too am also looking for good lesbian fiction to read.

    I wish I had time to review! I’m a working on my book of short stories that are a mix of straight and LBGT stories. Do you review in advance of publication? Well no matter, I’m going to look at everything you have here!

    1. danikaellis Post author

      This list only includes reviewers who want to have a biography included, so it isn’t a complete list. That being said, we are always looking for more reviewers of color as well as trans reviewers and disabled reviewers. About once a year I actively put out a call for reviewers and prioritize applications by reviewers of color and other marginalized groups, but we also accept applications all year. For my next call for reviewers, I hope to expand my network and diversify the voices featured even more. Thank you for the reminder to push the Lesbrary to do better!


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