Trans Sapphic Books

Trans Sapphic Books collage

This is a collection of all the books I can find that have a sapphic (bi+ woman or lesbian) trans main character. Please let me know if there are any I missed, because there should be more!

Nevada by Imogen Binnie  Dreadnought by April Daniels  The Collection edited by Tom Leger and Riley Macleod  Just Girls by Rachel Gold   A Safe Girl to Love by Casey Plett


Young Adult:

Double Exposure by Chelsea Cameron  Cinder Ella by ST Lynn  Lifetime Between Us by Diana Morland  Roller Girl by Vanessa North  Manifest by Alden Lila Reedy 


The Broken Forest by Megan Derr  Robins in the Night by Dajo Jago  Hair To The Throne by Meredith Katz  Love Rampage by Alex Powell  Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory by Barbara Ann Wright


Meanwhile, Elsewhere  Stage Dreams by Melanie Gillman  The Seep by Chana Porter  Gender Flytrap by Zoe Estelle Hitzel  Sarah, Son of God by Justine Saracen

Science Fiction:

Other Genres:

Also check out the Goodreads list Trans Lesbian & Bi Women Books.

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4 Replies to “Trans Sapphic Books”

  1. Cee Arr

    Trans women are women. Trans Lesbians are Lesbians. Please stop erasing Lesbians and demonstrating homophobia. Gay people have fought too long and hard for our right to say and be same sex and/or same gender attracted in the open.

    1. Cee Arr

      So, after your unsubstantiated, rambling, and at times plain nonsensical, comment, I finally figured out what you were asking me.

      You were asking me ‘what is a woman?’

      And the answer to that is simple. Though you’re not gonna like it. A woman is anyone who considers themselves a woman.

      You also put forward a whole lot of stuff that conflates issues, but generally assumes a) all Trans women are predators, and b) Cis women can’t be predators. Both of these things are, in fact, untrue.

      Also, I’m a little concerned that you spent so much time trying to justify your hatred – are you ok? Because maybe you should take a breather, that has to be an awful lot of hatred to be carrying in your heart. What you wrote is longer than the blogpost, and, like, they were only trying to rec. books about Sapphic Trans women. I think you might be over-reacting here. Just a thought.

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