Link Round Up: Dec 25 – Jan 8

CallingDrLaura   ScotchVerdict   PrairieSilence

Autostraddle posted Lez Liberty Lit #10: I Must Not Let Her Find Me Writing.

C-Spot Reviews posted December Book Binge Weeks 2 and 3 – What I Did Instead of Going to the Mall.

F/F Fan Fiction Reader’s Corner posted Words matters …

Frivolous Views posted BIG NEWS: Get ready for a special treat as we get ready for the 9th Annual GCLS Conference in Dallas!

Lambda Literary posted Ayana Mathis: The Power of the Tribe and New in January: Nicole J. Georges, Lillian Faderman, Michael Rumaker, and Michael Klein.

Okazu posted Top Ten Yuri of 2012.

Women and Words posted New Things for a New Year.

ProjectUnicorn   6   5

“Year in review: [GLTBTQ] books by the bounty” was posted at Washington Blade.

emily m danforth posted My Debut Year of Novel Publication: On Luck and Gratitude. (Luckitude? Gratiluck? Nah.)

Sarah Diemer posted

a   7   8

KB/KT Grant posted

Jae posted A look back at 2012.

Malinda Lo posted From 2012 to 2013 and Do you know of a 2013 YA book with LGBTQ main characters?

Catherine Lundoff posted The Highs and Lows of Promoting Lesbian Fiction and Where I’ll be in 2013.

9   11   10

After Mrs Hamilton by Clare Ashton was reviewed by Gabriella West.

Adijan and Her Genie by L-J Baker was reviewed at Good Lesbian Books.

Heart Block by Melissa Brayden was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Ask the Passengers by A.S. King was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Tangles: A Story about Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me by Sarah Leavitt was reviewed by Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian.

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One Response to Link Round Up: Dec 25 – Jan 8

  1. Thanks for putting links in one place! If you are interested in backlist books that need to be put back in print, I hope you check out (a new crowdfunding website) and Nancy Rawles’s Love Like Gumbo, a coming out novel about a young African-American woman trying to reconcile her Chicana lover and her Creole family in 1970s Los Angeles. Campaign to raise money to release a free Creative Commons licensed ebook will end January 30th.

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