Weekly Link Round Up

AfterEllen posted Across the Page: May 2011.

Bella Books posted Bella Editorial Director To Take Pitch Meetings at GCLS.

Bibrary Bookslut posted NEWS: The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer (now available).

Gay YA posted Sharing Stories: Why Straight People Need to Read Gay Books and Considering Intersectionality.

GLBT Promo Blog posted a link to an excerpt from Soft Swap by Paisley Smith.

The Indie Lit Awards are still looking for book blogs who want GLBTQ books sent to them to review. (I will be judging again this year, and I’m really looking forward to it!) Start thinking of 2011 queer books to nominate in September!

Lambda Literary posted

Readings in Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Fiction posted Readings Celebrates InSight of the Seer.

Women and Words posted a vlog with Cheyne Curry and Free Book Drawing and Fuzzy Thoughts.

Georgia Beers posted a guest post at Bett Norris’s blog.

Cheri Crystal posted an excerpt of her book Sapphic Signs.

Ivan Coyote was interviewed at Dorothy’s Closet.

Jae posted lesfic books she’s read in 2011.

Karin Kallmaker posted GCLS – Pitch Meetings in Orlando.

Malinda Lo posted I am still on tour! (sort of).

Chris Paynter posted an update on her blog.

Lisa Vaughn was interviewed at A Bookish Affair.

Lara Zielinsky posted Pride Month on Readings radio.

The Big Bang Symphony by Lucy Jane Bledsoe was reviewed at Lambda Literary.

Missed Her by Ivan Coyote was reviewed at Quill & Quire.

Love Revisited: Madison and Kate by K.B. Cutter was reviewed at Three Dollar Bill Reviews.

The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer was reviewed at A Bookworm’s Shelf.

Lesbian Cops: Erotic Investigations edited by Sacchi Green was reviewed at Kissed By Venus.

Devil’s Rock by Gerri Hill was reviewed at Out in Print Queer Book Review.

Two for the Show by Chris Paynter was reviewed at The Rainbow Reader.

The Gifted Ones by Lisa Vaughn was reviewed at A Bookish Affair.

Affinity by Sarah Waters was reviewed at S. Krishna’s Books.

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf was discussed (especially the concept of the “androgynous mind”) was discussed at A Year of Feminist Classics.

To Love and To Cherish edited by Lara Zielinsky was reposted on Lara Zielinsky’s blog.

Turning Point by Lara Zielinsky was reviewed at Reviews by Amos Lassen.

Turn for Home by Lara Zielinsky was reviewed at Reviews by Amos Lassen.