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Digital Review Copies:

The Lesbrary accepts any books or ebooks with lesbian or bisexual women (or pansexual women, sapphic women, etc) content to review, as long as the main character is sapphic or the main subject matter is queer women. (We do occasionally review books with non-binary characters as well, so feel free to submit those if they seem relevant to the Lesbrary.) You can submit them by emailing danikaellis at gmail with “Lesbrary” included in the subject, and ideally with the a description of the book in the body of the email and the ebook attached as a file (preferably ePub). The Lesbrary prioritizes books by authors of colour and trans authors, so feel free to indicate that in the email if it applies to your book, as well as author pronouns, if possible. No need to inquire beforehand; we accept any sapphic ebook for review consideration!

eBook submissions are forwarded to all of the reviewers at the Lesbrary. There are usually about a dozen reviewers submitting to the Lesbrary at a time (see the About page). eBooks are reviewed based on interest, which means they may be reviewed right away, multiple times, a year after submitting them, or not at all. If you are interested in guaranteed coverage, please check out the Advertise with the Lesbrary page.

Please note that I forward ebooks along to Lesbrary reviewers, so the easiest way to do this is if the ebook is attached to an email.

Physical ARCs:

Physical books are usually mailed to me, and I can guarantee that if they are accepted for review, they will eventually be reviewed, but there may be a delay–possibly several months–depending on the backlog of books to be reviewed.

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  9. Lesa Tondylear Heard

    Hello my name is Lesa Heard and I’m a new author. I was just wondering how I could submit my book on your site. The name of my book is A Tear From A Black Rainbow. Please contact me at me email address. Thankfully Lesa

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  16. W A Cooper (Wendy)

    I would love to send you my debut novel, Decree Absolute which was released on 4th September and features two women in their 40’s. The reviews have been great and the Amazon rankings in Lesbian Romance have been as low as #6 which I’m thrilled about.
    Could you please supply me with a contact email if you are interested.
    Kind regards,


  17. A. Emma Hollis

    Hello! My book is a fun and quirky romantic-comedy called Blame it on the Chardonnay, and I would love to have your review. I could send you a MOBI file or a Kindle copy from Amazon.

    Blame it on the Chardonnay is a fun and funny foray into the dating escapades of a young woman—the sexy and the silly, the giddy heights and the down ‘n’ dirty lows of a modern woman’s love life.

    This romantic-comedy follows Jenna, an ordinary lesbian, through the important relationships of her adult life—girlfriends, her mom, and her mom’s dog (whom her mom insists on referring to as Jenna’s “little brother”).

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Emma. :0)

  18. Pam Harrison

    Megan Gedris was among the first to review my original series. Back in its heyday (2007-2012), House of the Muses: The Latter Days of Sappho of Lesbos was loved and reviewed by readers worldwide. Early in its infancy, the series was so beloved by readers for its groundbreaking CGI illustration and storytelling (the very first clumsy issue, not so much) that it received the 2009 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant for excellence in LGBT storytelling.
    In 2012, the emotional final episode hit a stumbling block. An intended short hiatus turned into 7 years, and the 10th episode and conclusion of the series is being completed at long last. House of the Muses is published through Ka-Blam Digital Printing and listed on, and will be reactivating its listings on in July 2019.
    Would you be interested in reviewing House of the Muses? The link provided offers an introduction to the series. If this is something you might want to read, please contact me at my email. Thank you in advance for your time.

  19. James DeMaiolo

    Tachyon Publications is looking for reviewers for non-binary interest books and I was wondering how I can send digital galleys to THE LESRARY for review. I have looked over your reviewers and your Review Policy, but there I haven’t have contact information to send to.
    We also have a new collection of stories from Kameron Hurley that may be of interest to you or your reviewers.

    Please let me know the best way to share our list of possible titles and where/how to send you galleys.

    I appreciate your help and I appreciate your website.


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