The Lesbrary is on Goodreads!

I (Danika) have been using Librarything for years, and I have all my books listed there, but Goodreads seems to have a more active social component, so I’ve listed all the les/bi/etc books I own there, and I’ll try to eventually list all my wishlist books there, too. But I’ve got at least 1000 books on that list, so it’ll take a little longer.

Check out my profile at Goodreads!

The Lesbrary is also on twitter, though it’s not very active.

The Lesbrary is also on tumblr!  It’s very active (at least 2 posts a day), and I put quotes, covers, links, and other random scraps on there, as well as tons of reblogs of les/bi/etc books.

I’m also on Google+ and hope to create a Facebook page for the Lesbrary at some point as well. Whew!

Is there any other platform you think would be helpful to have the Lesbrary post? Any tips on keeping parallel twitter, tumblr, wordpress, facebook, goodreads, etc accounts?

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