Danika reviews Sugar and Spice edited by Mira Paul

This was disappointing.

I’ve been looking for lesbian bdsm erotica (this is the part where I hope today isn’t the day my mom starts reading this blog), and it seems pretty scarce, so I was really hoping that this would be what I was looking for.

Actually, I was completely impressed with the first story, “Nothing Like The Sun” by Elizabeth Thorne. It combines Jewish tradition with lesbian sm. Your miles may vary concerning blasphemy, but I thought it was well-written, interesting, and unique! I was looking forward to the rest of the book because of that story, but I was quickly disappointed.

Some premises just over my head as too far-fetched (Sex university? Pretending to be a pony 24/7?), and that’s a personal preference, I know. Some were fine, but not memorable.  “Lucky” by Xan West was a good, hardcore, queer orgy of a story (some non-lesbian sex).

I think the problem was just that most of the others just couldn’t stand up to the first story, which made the collection downhill from there. There were only a few stories that I actively disliked, however.

To be honest, there’s so little selection in this area that if you’re interested, you’ll probably seek this collection out anyways, because there aren’t a lot of alternatives.  Try not starting with “Nothing Like the Sun” or “Lucky”, though, and maybe you’ll find the collection more enjoyable.

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  1. Anne Laughlin

    Have you read The Collectors by Lesley Gowan? It’s a novel about an emerging submissive and the dominant she falls in love with. It’s one of the few novel length (though it’s a short novel) works about lesbian BDSM. Published by Bold Strokes.

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