Guest post by Ed Karovski Jr: Celebrating pride with humor

As the GLBT community prepares for annual pride celebrations worldwide, this year Simon & Schuster has proudly released the e-book edition of “A Funny Time to Be Gay: Hilarious Gay & Lesbian Comedy Routines from Trailblazers to Today’s Headliners” by Ed Karvoski Jr.

One of the more than 30 humorists spotlighted in the book is Lynda Montgomery, who grew up in a small town in Canada. “My hometown was so small that I was all alone in the Gay Pride Parade,” she says. “I was grand marshal, I was security and I was Dyke on Bike. By the time I peddled my Schwinn across town, I was too tired to even go to the festival!”
Michael Dane also recalls a memorable pride experience. “I was in my first Pride Parade, on the bisexual float,” he says. “You might have seen it — a lavishly decorated fence on wheels.”
The pride celebration is only one of many topics covered in “A Funny Time to Be Gay.” Robin Greenspan, for example, tells her audience that her Neighborhood Watch Group is a joke: “My neighbors watch my home, but not when I want them to. A guy could be climbing over my backyard fence with a CD player and two speakers strapped to his head in broad daylight, and nobody would see anything. But the one time I want to French kiss the Federal Express gal on my own front lawn, they’re out with camcorders!”
According to Greenspan, “Straight people might not get jokes about a Gay Pride Parade, but they’ll understand wanting to French kiss someone they find attractive. Then they can relate with me.”
Among the other openly gay and lesbian comics featured in “A Funny Time to Be Gay” are Tom Ammiano, Judy Carter, Kate Clinton, Sabrina Matthews, Bob Smith, Jason Stuart, Robin Tyler, Suzanne Westenhoefer and Danny Williams.
“The entertainment industry’s closet door has been set ajar by these comics,” notes author Karvoski. “And their time has come — fashionably late, of course!” 
HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher provided a cover quote: “The sex may be safe, but the comedy isn’t. This is the kind of funny, bias-bashing book that all — gay and straight — should be reading.”
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