Want to win a lesbian book?

Okay, okay, they’re used. But! Still. This is the deal. I have this box full of lesbian books to give away (most of them are doubles of books I already have).

Also, Relme pointed me in the direction of the 90-Second Newberry Film Festival. It is fantastic, and all of you with access to adorable children should submit a video. Check it out:

In fact, I love it so much that I want to have a lesbian lit version of it. The rules will be pretty much the same: an (approximately) 90-second video in which you and your friends (or just you, if your friends are not cool enough) act out the entire plot of a les/bi/etc novel.

It can be any sort of les/bi/etc novel, from really trashy romance to a kid’s book to the pinnacle of literary achievment. But you have to summarize the entire plot in your acted-out version.

Then upload your video on Youtube or something similar and email me the link (put lesbrary in the subject so I don’t accidentally delete it).

The top 3 submissions get their pick of my pile o’ lesbian books, and since I’ll be surprised if I get 3 in total, you’re pretty much guaranteed one if you participate. I’ll post all the submissions on FY Lesbian Literature on tumblr and the top 3 here with links to your blog/s.

The deadline is Feb 28.

Here are your prizes:


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