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I just added a link in the About the Lesbrary page to a bundle of RSS feeds. In case you don’t know what they are, RSS feeds enable you to subscribe to a blog/website and have all their new posts come up in your “reader” (I use Google Reader). This means you can keep up with all your blogs in one place and don’t have to worry about missing an update. I find this particularly helpful for blogs that update sporadically. In the sidebar, you can see all the lesbrary links of websites that have to do with lesbian books. Most of them I subscribe to in my reader. I have now created a bundle of these feeds, so you can see all the RSS feeds I subscribe to in one place. Then, you can either pick and choose which of those 60+ blogs to subscribe to (or bookmark, or whatever you’d like), or you can subscribe to the whole bundle. It seems like a lot of blogs, but all 60+ blogs usually produce quite a bit less than 10 posts a day, so it’s not really so overwhelming.

Enough preamble. Here’s the link!

Are there any blogs you think the Lesbrary should be watching that aren’t on that list?

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