The Golden Crown Literary Conference

Sorry about the three posts in one day; the first one today was supposed to post yesterday but somehow got saved as a draft.

This just to let everyone know about the Golden Crown Literary Conference.  The Golden Crown Literary Society is all about recognizing lesbian literature, and once a year they hold a big conference for lesbian literature authors and readers. This year is June 3-6 in Orlando and includes panels, seminars, workshops, and social events. Big time lesbian fiction authors will be there, like Georgia Beers, Lori L. Lake, Karin Kallmaker, KG MacGregor, and many many more. They’ll be discussing things like  Millenial Readers and the Future of Lesbian Fiction, Seven Steps to Writing Real People, and A Day in the Life of a Reviewer, as well as readings and discussion of favorite works. Get your tickets here! I can’t wait until I’m not a poor student and I can afford to go to one! (It’s mostly the travel that’s the problem.) I’ve heard it is incredible. Here’s the promotional video:

Are you planning on going to this year’s GCLS Conference or a future one? Have you gone before? What was it like?

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