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Title: Bibliography of Queer History (Lesbian History, Modern Lesbian History, and Pre-Modern Lesbian History)

Summary: Rictor Norton is an academic who specializes in gay history. He’s written six books on the subject and tons of essays on queer history, some which can be read here. What’s good for us, though, is that he’s constructed this amazing bibliography, presumably of all the books he’s referenced in his writing. It can be found here and has lists for all sorts of queer history books, like Anthologies, queer African books, queer Renaissance books, etc. I’ve linked the three lists that are specifically about lesbians: Lesbian History: General, Pre-Modern Lesbian History, and Modern Lesbian History, but there are lesbian books and books that include lesbians on the other lists, too.

Advantages: If you’re looking for real, academic lesbian nonfiction, this seems like the perfect resource. Also, this is collected by a guy who has written on the subject for his whole academic career, so it seems like his choices would be pretty reliable.

Disadvantages: This is all academic nonfiction, so it’s likely to be pretty dry. If that’s not what you’re looking for, there’s not much these lists have to offer.

Have you used Rictor Norton’s Bibliography of Queer History? What did you think of it?

Do you have any resources you think should be added to the Lesbrary?

Also! If you’re looking for a free lesbian book, L.E. Butler is giving away five copies of her book Relief. Just email your name and mailing address to contest@lebutler.net and the winners will be picked June 30th.

One more thing! This is completely off topic lesbian-wise, but yesterday I got to meet the awesome Raych from Books I Done Read. She has been my favorite book blogger for years, so it was amazing to find out we live in the same town! If you haven’t read her blog before, you should really check it out. She’s absolutely hilarious. Also, she loved lesbian authors Anne-Marie MacDonald and Sarah Waters, so that’s relevant, right?

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