Lesbrary Sneak Peek: Nonfiction

Okay, so yesterday I went to this incredible book sale. People donate their books (it all benefits children’s literacy) and then they are sold for $1 for a mass market, $2 for a trade, and $3 for a hardcover. People camp out in the line, you have to get there at least an hour before to be let in when the doors open, everyone else has to wait until some people leave or it would be packed wall to wall. There was tons of books, and I picked up 14 lesbian ones, but first I have to fill you in on the books I’ve gotten before that.

There’s a reason this blog is about lesbian books and not lesbian fiction (or “lesfic”), and that’s because I’m a fan of nonfiction, too. So here are three more nonfiction lesbian books I got in the mail recently (through Bookmooch).

Although this book does discuss Califia’s transition, it also looks like it covers issues like S/M and same-sex marriage. Flipping through it, Speaking Sex to Power seems really readable and its back cover promises controversy, so I’m excited. The copy I have is actually autographed by the author, saying “2/28/04 To Mandy – Good luck on your path in sexual politics” and it looks like Mandy underlined, starred, and put smiley faces by the sections she particularly enjoyed. I love used books.

I’m Canadian, so I like stumbling on Canadian lesbian/queer books. Despite having a really weird cover, The Regulation of Desire: Sexuality in Canada looks like it’ll be thought-provoking, addressing how we define what sexualities are acceptable and which are unacceptable. This is from 1987, so it’s a little outdated, but I like seeing where we came from. The dedication is: “For the angry and proud faggots and dykes who took over the streets of Toronto to protest the police raids on the gay baths in 1981 and to all those who fight for lesbian and gay liberation everywhere”. The copy I have is a review copy, and has question marks and criticism written in pencil through it… I might have to erase it so I’m not distracted. This is definitely an academic book, though; it won’t be an easy read.

And finally, the classic On Our Backs Guide to Lesbian Sex. On Our Backs is a big part of lesbian history. It was, as Wikipedia says, the “first magazine to feature lesbian erotica for a lesbian audience in the United States.” The book includes the best of the writing on sex and desire from the magazine, illustrated with photos. On Our Backs seems to be the foundation that writing on lesbian sex has built on, so I’m looking forward to reading the original.

Have you read Speaking Sex to Power, The Regulation of Desire, or On Our Backs Guide to Lesbian Sex? What did you think of them? Do you read many lesbian nonfiction books?

4 Replies to “Lesbrary Sneak Peek: Nonfiction”

  1. Cass

    Oh my goodness, I am so jealous. Califia is my favorite queer writer; I can’t believe your luck! I’m as green as can be over here.

  2. mandy

    i just ran across this site when a lesbriarian friend posted a link to it. I’m the one who sent the books via bookmooch. Small world, eh? (I didn’t realize that one was autographed, oh well.) THe books were part of the research for my masters thesis, and as i try to pare down my book shelves, the ones with residual grad school hell associations are the first to go. That should explain the notes in the margins. Anyway, glad to hear they found a new home, hope you enjoy them.

    1. Danika the Lesbrarian

      Oh wow, definitely a small world moment! Aaah, that does make sense. I figured it was something like that. If you do want the autographed book back, I could put it back on Bookmooch and hope it comes up again, if you’d like.


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